I love it when a plan comes together.

This time last year I was laying out plastic to solarize my lawn. Well the jury is in…

I wouldn’t recommend it.

I’ve been disappointed a the amount of  bur clover that came back not to mention a recurrence of grass. A meticulous weeding regime means I’m on top of things, but I wonder if sheet mulching would have given me the same results in less time. If the front and side yards are anything to go by, the answer to that question is yes. Saying that, it provided a handy work area last year when I repainted my garden furniture.

After solarizing the lawn, my friends helped me build Wee Lee Canyon, a dry creek around the what used to be the lawn. Another friend, and very talented carpenter, constructed a pergola beneath which My Husband and I laid hard-scaping and mulch in time for the winter rains to come. Except that they barely came…

By March I decided it was now or never and I planted some woolly thyme to fill in between the pavers, I also planted some blue fescue grasses and a couple of lavenders that were actually volunteers from a huge one we already had. I planted two grape vines on the pergola and made a shade out of old curtain material that should keep us cool until the grapes grow in.

You can just make out the little seedlings in the picture below.

In two short months the woolly thyme is filling in nicely. There are some bonus lobelia too.

 The grapes are really bounding up the posts!

Despite the lovely seating area, I rarely get time to enjoy it – the hard work in the garden continues! Here’s a shot of this years garlic harvest.


 Byddi Lee