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Cookbook for a Bug is compiled and written by a group of gardeners who coalesced in a social media group called Gardenaholics Anonymous. I became aware of this group through Gardening Jones, a fabulous blog on gardening that I’ve been following for years now. 
One of the members has a daughter with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 1. This little girl’s nickname is Bug and all proceeds from the book go towards helping with her medical needs, such as a chair or breathing hoses and monitors. 
This is  a wonderful cause and so I was absolutely delighted that  Cookbook for a Book won Amazon’s Awards for Best Books of 2014!  Click here to see the award.
Good for you Amazon for recognizing the great work these writers have done. And good for them on producing a fine book to raise funds and awareness for such a great cause. The recipes are inspiring, using up produce from the garden (though you can also easily buy the ingredients at the grocery store) and some are intriguingly unusual (Grape Salad – grapes mixed with cream cheese and sour cream), whilst others are comfortingly familiar (Lasagna – hard to beat!).
I particularly liked the recipe for Zucchini Burgers since I’m usually buried in zucchini during the summer. In fact, its quite gratifying that there are at least 7 recipes for things to do with zucchini – looks like I’m not the only one who loves zucchini but needs different ways to keep eating it all summer long. There are so many recipes I am dying to try out next summer – Tomato Marmalade – I have some frozen tomatoes from last summer. I wonder would that work…
There’s a delicious and simple recipe for Beet Greens similar to one I use when I’m harvesting beetroot. It works a treat and even My Husband, who refuses to eat beetroot likes the greens done this way.
And oh my goodness – the baked goods section! I may have to actually cut those pages out and shred them….that is if I can separate them after all the drooling I’ve done on them. Cherry Chip Ba Da Bing Brownies, Chocolate Zucchini Cake, and (OMG) “The Fudge I Grew Up With” – YUM!
I’ve never had Baked Meringue Spice Cake, but I am so going to make it next…It sounds so good.
Consider getting some as a stocking fillers for Christmas gifts. 
You can find your copy of this cookbook-with-a-heart Cookbook for a Bug on Amazon. ISBN 9781502456267 
It costs $20 and remember the recipes will tickle your taste-buds, stuff your stomach and fill your heart knowing that you helped a brave and lovely little girl. 

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  1. Thanks so much Byddi for a wonderful review! Everyone has been so positive and the proceeds are already helping sweet Ava-bug. <3

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