Le Terminus du Chatelet – An Authentic Parisian Resturant

In today’s world of big name franchises and amid the pressures of recessions, rising food prices and increasing competition, it’s really quite an achievement to have kept a business in the family for four generations.

Le Terminus du Châtelet is once such business. Run by father and son, Robert and Thomas Sucheyre, this quaint little restaurant with Parisian panache was started in 1929 by Thomas’ great-grandfather.


It is named after the end of the Châtelet tram-line, which no longer runs here. Transport here now is served by the world’s biggest underground station, according to Wikipedia, Châtelet Les Halles where one can get onto one of five different metro lines and 3 different RER routes. There are also a tonne of bus stops in this area too. Suffice it to say, Le Terminus du Châtelet is easy to get to, and it’s a good thing too – if you visit Paris, you really should stop by, if even just to have a little bottle of wine!

Or a beer!


Thomas and Robert are super-friendly, speaking English (or French, if like me, you want to practice) and happy to talk you through their delicious menuwritten in French, but that’s not a problem!

I went first for lunch and was immediately impressed – by the decor…

 … by the friendly staff… here Thomas is showing me that the old meat slicing machine still works. It was lovely to see the pride that Thomas has in the business, great to see a new generation valuing the merits of the past…

…and above all, by the food. I just had to come back and have dinner here too. Robert took the time to discuss my companion’s dietary needs – no dairy, no red meat, no sauce (to mention a few!).

As for me, my only dietary need is that I have to eat!

This was the most delicious swordfish (the fish with the “pointy nose” as Robert described it) I’ve ever had.

They excel at serving up fresh and tasty food.

The cod was amazing and “fall apart” tender too. The mushrooms were to die for – full of flavor and the perfect compliment to the fish.

Here’s their mushroom delivery showing the range of mushrooms they use.

They do seem to really like mushrooms and this giant one is part of the interesting decor… not for eating!

Apparently this old coffee machine works too, though they use a modern one, you can just see it in the background.

Thomas’ grandfather was very interested in seed collecting and here are some envelopes he used – there might even be seeds in them. Thomas showed me pictures of his vegetable garden. It sparked some nostalgia in me for my own lost veggie beds.

I’d highly recommend a visit here to savor old Paris with the new Paris. If you want something different from the cafe menu’s, where you feel valued as a customer and not just another tourist, this is the place to eat, drink and generally be merry! You’ll be guaranteed an authentic Parisian experience in a piece of history, and you’ll be glad you stopped by. I know I was.

Byddi Lee