Flashforward, Flashback

It’s that time of year again – Apple blossoms in Armagh and that means submissions are open for the Flash Fiction Armagh event at the Armagh Food and Cider Festival in September! This year it’s Flash Fiction at Long Meadow Cider Company and takes place on Thursday, 8th September 2022 at 7.00 pm.

Entries are encouraged from:

  • Experienced writers
  • Authors who can extract a short section from their books
  • Irish Language writers
  • Ulster Scots writers
  • New writers
  • Poets whose poetry reads like prose

The deadline for submissions is 8th August 2022. Please use the form at this link to send us your 200 – 750 word submission. Copy and paste your story into the Comment or Message* section

Réamonn Ó Ciaráin, Armagh author of Laoch na Laochra: Scéal Chúchulainn, and Chúchulainn: Ulster’s Greatest Hero, will help curate the submissions. 

It is free to enter, but please only submit one piece of work.

  • You must be available to read at the event on the 8th of September 2022
  • If you are not selected for your chosen date we reserve the right to invite you to read your submission at a subsequent Flash Fiction night.
  • We don’t mind if you submit work that has been submitted elsewhere or that has already been published.
  • Authors are welcome to bring copies of their books to sell. (Even if you are attending as an audience member.)

In past years this event has quickly sold out. Tickets cost £15 but readers get a complimentary ticket in addition to being paid a small stipend to help with travel expenses, because, at Flash Fiction Armagh, we don’t believe that writers should work for free.

So that’s the Flashforward component of this post – now we’ll Flashback to the last Flash Fiction event …

…which My Husband (the tech part of the FFA team) and I missed because of Covid, leaving Réamonn to run the event singlehandedly – and what a magnificent job he did. He even managed to video the event on his iPhone proving that the Lees were disconcertingly dispensible to the proceedings!

Thankfully, we recovered well from our bout of Covid, and I send apologies for my tardiness in getting the video posted but as of today, I’ve caught up. You can view the recording of the event by clicking here.

Thank you to Réamonn for keeping the ship afloat, to The Armagh County Museum for being such wonderful hosts and to all of our wonderful readers.

We look forward to reading your submissions for the Armagh Food and Cider Event.

Happy writing…

Byddi Lee